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Flat Sawing

Do You Need to Cut Through Your Concrete?

When concrete is poured over piping and other materials, you don't think about having to ever gain access to that area again. Unfortunately, things happen like pipes bursting. You can't get to the broken pipe without first cutting through the rock-hard concrete.


Rick's Concrete Sawing has over 41 years of experience in getting the job done quickly. We will send you a team of our professionals so that you aren't standing around waiting. We will get to work right away.


We want you to stay within your budget comfortably. That is why we offer you a FREE service estimate before we get started.

We Stand Behind Our Work

You want to feel comfortable and confident with the cutting company you have hired to do the job. That is why all of our services come with a GUARANTEE.

Our Concrete Cutting Services

  • Plumbing and electrical trenches in concrete floors

  • Expansion and control joints

  • Sidewalks and walkways

  • Driveways and roads

  • Curbs

  • Up to 24 inches deep


Our Flat Sawing Includes

  • Hydraulic

  • Electric

  • Diesel

  • Propane

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